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 Android 4.0.4+


Lunar Phases   Moon Phases

Lunar Phase for Android displays the current moon phase and it's visibility percentage. Also displayed are the age in days, hours and minutes, and distance.

The dates of the next four phases are also displayed on the right. The New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Third Quarter phase dates and times are exact, acquired from NASA, accurate until 2101. All other data is computed from known movements of our moon.

The lunar information is updated every 5 seconds.

All moon images are adjusted for the hemisphere you are in. So folks south of the equator see the moon as it appears in their sky. Location access is required for this feature.

The lunar calendar shows the phase of the moon for each day of the month. The present date is highlighted in green. All four phases of the moon are identified in this view, along with Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Supermoons, Micromoons, and Blue moons. The calendar covers dates from January 2001, through December 2100.

Lunar Phases   Moon Phases Calendar

The synodic cycle view shows variations in the duration of the synodic month, new moon to new moon.

There is a repeating cycle that occurs every 111 months, or 9 1/4 years. You can pinch and spread that view to zoom in or out, and see years and decades. You can also pan the view to explore dates visually or select any date desired, by tapping the date button and selecting a date in the picker.

Solar Eclipses   Lunar Calendar

The solar eclipse view lists all solar eclipses for the 21st century. Scroll through the list, select a chosen eclipse and you will be shown a preview of that eclipse. The preview is a static image, which represents an overview of the entire eclipse.

Total, Annular, and Hybrid eclipses also have a map view to explore. The map view, is an interactive google map, displaying a countdown until greatest eclipse, and minimum distance to the best view.

Lunar Eclipses   Lunar Calendar

In the settings view you can choose to see distances in Miles or Kilometers. Also you can select which notifications you would like receive. These not only include notifications for the 4 phases, but also for Lunar and Solar eclipses.

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Lunar Phase