Sonance - An Audio Spectrum Analyzer with a Music Player for iOS

 Universal for iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro

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iPhone 4s

music player ios   music player ios

Sound View is now Sonance ( A FREE Update for those that have already purchased Sound View).

Sonance - An audio spectrum analyzer with a music player. Sonance plays music that is on your device, and displays both waveform and audio spectrum visualizations.

iPhone 5, 5s

music player ios   music player ios

Sonance has an in-car user interface, with large buttons, and swipe gestures to move between songs. It's good to use while driving, since you don't have to focus much on it to make a desired change, yet it also has entertaining visualizations to enhance the musical experience, when you can focus on it.

Sonance has an easy to use shuffle mode, as well as the ability to repeat one, or a queue of chosen songs.

iPhone 6, 6s

music player ios   music player ios

iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus

music player ios   music player ios

It has a variety of settings allowing personal customization of startup, user interface, and visualizer settings.

The visualizer has a full screen mode, that allows for all manner of customization, via pinch and swipe gestures.

Sonance also works well with AirPlay, and the visualizers look great when Mirroring your device.

iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus Full Screen Mic Mode

music player ios

Sonance does retain Sound View's original ability to visualize input from the microphone. This allows you to have fun with sound ! It analyzes sound from the built in microphone, or from an attached external microphone, and displays both the audio input signal, and the "frequency bars", which are the results of the spectrum analysis.

The audio input signal is displayed in the lower view as a waveform and the spectrum is displayed in the upper view as bars indicating the strength of that frequency within the audio input signal.

Frequencies range from 0 hertz to 22000 Hertz or 22K, this is the range of the iPhone and iPad microphone, and also the general range of human hearing.

You can use a horizontal and vertical pinches on either display to zoom in/out of the visualization. On the Spectrum display you can also use a slide gesture, to move the display left and right, allowing you to see specific frequencies in detail.

Pinches are cumulative, so keep pinching. The settings panel allows you to reset the app to default settings, so have fun exploring sound !

I would also like to Thank George DeVore for allowing me to use his music, for promotional artwork. Please check out Wonderland and Four Under Par

Landscape Views - iPhone 4s

Music Player iOS

Music Player iOS

iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, Full Screen Mode

iPad Portrait

Music Player iPad

iPad Landscape

Music Player iPad

iPad Pro Portrait

Music Player iPad Pro

iPad Pro Landscape, Full Screen Mode

Music Player iPad Pro

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Music Player iPad Pro

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